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RIVA Yamaha FZR & FZS Top-Loader Intake Grate
SKU: RY22050-1
Fits: Yamaha FZR/FZS. Delivers the ultimate in speed, hook up & strength. All new design features oversized top loader wing and optimized inlet ramp for closed course and offshore racing.
RIVA Yamaha GPR Top-Loader Grates
SKU: RY22420
Fits: Yamaha GP800R/GP1200R/GP1300R. Top-Loader intake grate improves hook up and handling in rough conditions.
RIVA Yamaha SuperJet Tri-Loader Intake Grate
SKU: RY2235-1RF
Fits: Yamaha Super Jet.
RIVA Yamaha VX Top-Loader Intake Grate
SKU: RY22030
Fits: Yamaha VX110 Sport, VX110 Deluxe and VX Cruiser. Reduced Cavitation, Improved Handling, No Loss of Top Speed.