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Crankcase Block Off Kit Kawasaki 650 & 750 All
SKU: 011-210
Crankcase Block Off Plate for Kawasaki 650/750 (All) covers the case breather port.
Oil Injection Block Off Kit
SKU: 011
Oil injector block off kits allow easy conversion of oil injected personal watercraft to premix fuel. Plate covers and seals hole left in flywheel cover after oil injection pump has been removed.
Quick To Mix Oil Ratio Measuring Cup
SKU: 78-9830
Oil ratio measuring cups takes the work out of premixing. Provides gallon, liter, ounce and cc marking for accurate measurements. Quick 2 Mix comes complete with lid to keep your next mix dust and contaminate free.
Ratio Rite Measuring Cup
SKU: 28-1111
Ratio Rite measuring cups make sure you get it right every time! These handsome cups measure in ratios for gallons, fluid ounces, cubic centimeters and pints.
Yamaha Oil Pump Gasket
SKU: 007-533
Fits: Yamaha 650/701/760
Yamaha Oil Pump Gasket
SKU: 007-296
Fits: Yamaha 1200