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RIVA Open Loop Cooling Kit  - Sea-Doo 4-TEC Non-iControl
SKU: RS1013-50
Our Open Loop Cooling Kit dramatically reduces engine operating temperatures for improved performance & reliability. Open loop system increases cooling efficiency via steady supply of cool external water.
RIVA Open Loop Thermostat Kit  - Sea-Doo
SKU: RS1013-50-TK
Designed for use with aftermarket Open Loop Cooling Kits running RIVA cooling line configuration.
RIVA Thermostat Kit - Sea-Doo 4-TEC
SKU: RS1015
Our cool running Thermostat Kit reduces the operating temperature of your modified 4-TEC engine by 30°F for maximum reliability and performance. Fits all 255, 215, 185, 155 and 130 horsepower 4-TEC engines.