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Blowsion CAS Aluminum One Way Valve Scupper
SKU: HP06-01-022
The CAS flow valve design prevents water getting in during tail stands and wave jumping. The aluminum, rubber, and injection molded construction of the Blowsion one-way valve assembly along w/ the recessed internal mounting results in a bulletproof set-up
Blowsion One Way Valve
Unlike scupper valves that mount on the exposed exterior of your ski, the Blowsion one way valve kits install “into” the rear 1/4 of your PWC end caps.
I Versiplug Max Drain System
SKU: HP-PD1701
Versiplug Max - The rugged solution for leaky flap scuppers Created for freestyle to create a reliable fix to scupper setups that had leaking issues when not moving. For Stand Up Watercraft w/ 2.025” ID Scupper Tube.
W Ski Clinic Scupper Valve
Ski Clinic drain valve has an aluminum flap, that does not bend or warp, greatly improving the seal. For Freestyle use only.
Wamiltons Scupper Valve
SKU: WC-SJ-108
Wamiltons scupper is the fastest way to get the water out of the ski's engine compartment. Water goes out faster than it can go in.