Wamilton's Customs

Wamiltons Customs was introduced in 1993, Wamilton quit working on cars and mannequins, and dedicated all of his skills to working on watercraft. Wamilton pretty much owns the freestyle scene; his products have allowed riders to take the sport to a new level. In 1994 the Wammer painted Lloyd Berlew's boat, and Berlew went on to win the National Championship that year. Rick Roy sported his first Wamilton-designed paint scheme in 1995, and Roy went on to win the National title that year. Freestyle boats aren't the only PWC Wamilton seems to have the magic touch with, he also painted and constructed the WaveBlaster that Dustin Farthing rode to his 1996 World Championship win on. Rius, MacClugage, and a host of the sport's top names have ridden Wamilton painted boats. Wamilton is a perfectionist and is proud of his products and we are proud to now offer them to our customers!

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Chin Pad Wamiltons - RRP Handlepole
This is our new RRP Chin Pad , this new design from Wamiltons Customs, was made to fit exclusively the RRP Handlepole. Also it's adjustable for long or short turn plate. Wamiltons can also customize your turf and color as well as custom paint.
Wamiltons 750 & 800 Trim System
Wamiltons custom Kawasaki 750/800 trim system
Wamiltons Bolb Primer Kit
Wamiltons Custom bolb primer. Primer comes with pure silicone blue fuel lines and brass fittings, a very high quality item that can save your knee.
Wamiltons Cyclone Footholds
SKU: WC-FH-125
Wamiltons Cyclone Footholds: These are a must for any stand-up hard-core enthusiast. Cyclone footholds have an Eric Cyclone Malone twist to them. The Cyclones are like the Rickters but deeper in the heel area for more crazy tricks.
Wamiltons Flame Arrestor Adapter For Use With OE Flame Arrestor
Wamiltons allows you to use the OEM Air filters in your 48mm Carbs. If you don't have a 48mm carbs, you can use the regular Flame Arrestors adaptors for 38, 44, and 46.
Wamiltons Freestyle Ride Plate
SKU: WC-SJ-101
To the beginner on the lake to the top pros in the surf. This is our best selling plate to date! Made from strong Composite,the Wamiltons ride plate can take what you dish out .
Wamiltons Hood Latch
SKU: WC-SJ-112
Wamiltons custom aluminum replacement hood latch. Makes your hood tighter a perfect match for Wamiltons custom front hood hooks.
Wamiltons Internal Dual Fuel PickUp
Wamiltons Internal Dual Fuel PickUp. Includes: Pick up, Gas Tack Block off and hose Clamps.
Wamiltons Internal Single Fuel PickUp
Wamiltons Internal Single Fuel PickUp. Includes: Pick up, Gas Tank, Block off and hose Clamps.
Wamiltons Kawasaki Front Hood Hooks
Wamiltons custom aluminum replacement hood latch. Makes your hood tighter a perfect match for Wamiltons custom front hood hooks.
Wamiltons Kawasaki Fuel Cap
Wamiltons custom aluminum replacement fuel cap.
Wamiltons Rickter Footholds
SKU: WC-FH-120
Wamiltons Rickter Footholds: Rick Roy and Wamiltons foothold design change the sport and art of Freestyle. The Rickters Footholds allows you to have greatest leverage and control with your ski. You will jump higher and sub deeper than ever before. Tricks
Wamiltons RXP Carbon Racing Hood
Wamilton RXP Carbon Hood Wamiltons Customs new RXP carbon hood allows you to Lose 15 pounds in 10 minutes Weighing in at only 3Lbs 7 Oz.
Wamiltons Scupper Valve
SKU: WC-SJ-108
Wamiltons scupper is the fastest way to get the water out of the ski's engine compartment. Water goes out faster than it can go in.
Wamiltons Shortened Turn Plate-Regular & Straight-Universal
Wamiltons custom turn plate will fit all freestyle handlebars stright or cross. The U.M.I Mounting System is required.
Wamiltons SJ W Cut Freestyle Ride Plate
Wamiltons "W" cut freestyle ride plate ,designed for lifting the nose of your ski similar to a "D" cut , a total freestyle plate that keeps your ski tracking like a pro.
Wamiltons SJ Wam-X Ride Plate
SKU: WC-SJ-102
Finally, one plate that does it all. From freestyle to racing. The Wam-X plate is for every rider. To the beginner on the lake to the top pros in the surf. This plate is the best plate to date! It's still made from strong Composites like the past preci
Wamiltons Super Jet Fuel Cap
SKU: WC-SJ-126
Wamiltons custom cap At just 3.8 oz., this is the lightest billet gas cap that you can buy for your watercraft.
Wamiltons SXR Composite Ride Plate
Wamilton’s customs Composite Ride Plate: The World’s top Freestyle and racing plate is even better today. Wammer’s Ride Plate is made from very strong composites.
Wamiltons SXR Freestyle Hood
SKU: WC-KAW-129-2
Wamiltons custom hooks are the strongest available and provide the best hood alignment.