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Adjust-A-Thrust Kawasaki 1100 ZXI & STX, STXR, STX12F, STX15F
Fits: Kawasaki 1100 ZXI/STX, STXR, STX12F, STX15F pumps. Expect .8 to 1.5 more top end on a ZXI. .8 to 1.2 on a three seater hull.
Adjust-A-Thrust Kawasaki All 650-800, SXI, SXI Pro, SXR 800
Fits: Kawasaki All 650-800, SXI, SXI Pro, SXR 800. Gain at least a mile an hour on top end on most applications. Bolt it onto your SXR800 - Low-end and midrange performance are greatly improved along with impressive top end gains.
Adjust-A-Thrust Sea Doo 4-Tec NA & SC '01-04, RXP, RXT
Fits: Sea-doo 4-tec models. Fits both NA and SC models 2001-2006. RXP, RXT, GTX SC, NA Gain .5 to 1.5 more top end. Makes a noticeable difference in the low end and midrange as well.
Adjust-A-Thrust Sea Doo XP LTD, GSX LTD, GTX LTD, RX
Fits: Sea-Doo 155.5mm pumps. 1998-2006 PWC with 951 engine. Give a noticeable increase in midrange on XPL DI models. Sea-Doo 155.5mm LTD pumps. Gain .5 to 1.5 more top end on XP LTD, GSX LTD, GTX LTD, RX.
Adjust-A-Thrust Yamaha 144mm & 155mm Pumps Using Straight Exit Nozzle.
Fits: Yamaha SJ '90-'04, WRIII '91-'97 GP700, VXR/VXR PRO, WaveBlaster 701, WaveBlaster II, WaveRaider '94-'97, GP1200 '97-'99, WaveVenture 1100, XL1200 '98-'99 .5 to 1.5 mph gain over the stock cone.
Adjust-A-Thrust Yamaha 155mm Pumps w &  3 or 5 Degree Nozzle.
Fits: All Yamaha 155mm pumps with 3 or 5 degree nozzle. Fits: GP1200R '99-'02, XLT1200 '99-'02, FX140, GP1300R, GP800. On GP1200R and XL1200 a noticeably reduces cavitation providing better hookup in the chop. Gains are .5 to 1.5 over the stock cone.
Adjust-A-Thrust Yamaha 155mm Pumps w &  75mm Hub 3* or 5* Nozzle
Fits: Yamaha 155mm pumps with 75mm hub (HO pump) and 3 or 5 degree nozzle Fits: FX140HO '04- '05 and GP1300R '05, VX110. This unit has the shuttle pocket machined at a 4 degree angle. Expect 1 to 1.5 more top end and improved midrange.
TBM Racing Kawasaki 750SX  &  800SXR Pro Super Pump Cone
Introducing the most revolutionary pump component ever released for the Kawasaki stand ups. Transforms the inefficient OEM pump into a high performance race pump. Fits '92-'06 Kawasaki 750 / 800 stand ups.
TBM Racing Yamaha FZR & FZS & SHO Super Pump Cone
Super Pump Cone for the Yamaha FZR/FZS/SHO Waverunners. Our Super Pump Cone increases the hub diameter and smooths the transition of water flow through the rough casting of the OEM stator vane assembly.
TBM Racing Yamaha Super Pump Cone
The Yamaha Super Pump Cone will transform your inefficient OEM pump into a high performance large diameter hub race pump. Three size tail cone tips are included will work on any year SJ, WaveBlaster or any other Yamah 144mm pump housing.
Wet Wolf FreeStyle Pump Cone Kawasaki SXI  &  SXI Pro  &  SXR 800
FreeStyle Cone for Kawasaki SXI and SXI Pro, SXR 800,. Fits all 2 bolt Kawasaki pumps. Designed to maximize Low End Punch for better acceleration and bigger tricks.
Wet Wolf FreeStyle Pump Cone Polaris Octane, Yamaha Magnum Pump
Into freestyle and freeride? Our Freestyle Cone is designed to improve low end and midrange punch for better trix. Lets your engine rev faster in the midrange. A MUST for serious low end OOMPH.
Wet Wolf FreeStyle Pump Cone Yamaha SuperJet
Designed with the freestyler in mind, the Freestyle pump cone allows the engine to rev faster for the big tricks. Its small size lets a large volume of water move through the pump with less restriction than with the stock tailcone.