R&D Powershot Adjustable Fuel Tuner

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The all new R&D Powershot fuel injection tuner will deliver increased horsepower, acceleration, and stronger mid-range performance by delivering a higher performing air to fuel ration (A.F.R.) to the engine. Many of today’s high performance fuel injected four stroke muscle craft have a conservative A.R.R., which allows manufacturers to meet C.A.R.B.’s O.E.M emission standards and regulations. R&D Performance has tested, documented, and analyzed the O.E.M. fuel map or curve, on every current fuel injected four stroke watercraft. The pre-programmed and coded R&D Powershot fuel injection control module safely alters the O.E.M. fuel map to a higher performing and safer A.F.R. (richer). More horsepower, greater acceleration and stronger mid-range are the result when the proper A.F.R. is achieved and is tuned for optimum performance. The R&D Powershot is pre-coded, pre-tuned, preset and ready to install easily in minutes with R&D’s comprehensive installation and tuning instruction. The R&D Powershot is fully adjustable on the fly (with the engine running, observed and tuned while riding), and will accommodate a wide range of adjustability to properly performance tune the A.F.R. for any combination of aftermarket parts, i.e. aftermarket supercharger modifications, camshafts or valve train modifications, head modifications, exhaust system modifications, and high compression piston kits. The R&D Powershot will add horsepower, reliability, and adjustability to any electronic fuel injected two or four stroke watercraft engine. R&D has a Powershot unit for virtually every watercraft application! Available for all two and four stroke fuel injected Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda Watercraft. The R&D Powershot is a must have part on supercharged Sea-Doo’s using Vortech high boost compressor wheels, and Kawasaki 15Fs with offshore kits!

Part # RD-803-95000 - S-D GTX/GTI 4-TEC N.A. Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-803-95001 - S-D GTX 4-TEC SC 185 HP Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-803-95002 - S-D RXP/RXT/GTX 4-TEC 215 HP Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-803-95003 - S-D RXP-X/RXT-X 255HP Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-801-15000 - KAW 12F/15F Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-801-25000 - KAW Ultra 250X/250LX Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-802-00110 - YAM VX110 Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-802-16000 - YAM FX H.O. Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-802-18000 - YAM FX SHO/FZR/FZS Powershot Fuel Tuner

Part # RD-802-13001 - YAM GP 1300R Powershot Fuel Tuner

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