About Us

Founded in 1995 by Jim Pomarico, a graduate of the American  Watercraft Institute, Daytona Beach, FL. Atlantic Jet Sports has made a  commitment to providing the highest quality parts, accessories and service to  the personal watercraft community. Atlantic Jet Sports understands the needs of  personal watercraft enthusiasts because we are enthusiasts ourselves. We know  the high price of quality service does not have to be so high. We are committed  to providing the best possible service to our customers at a fair price.

Although Atlantic Jet Sports has continued to provide parts  and accessories nationwide, we are currently expanding our service network by  providing business opportunities to certified watercraft technicians in various  locations across the United States.

As Atlantic Jet Sports enters another year in the industry,  we recognize the changes the industry has under gone and will continue to adjust  to best serve the needs of our customers. Although many changes have taken place  one thing remains a constant, the need for quality service. We remain focused on  the values Atlantic Jet Sports was founded on and are committed to continually  improving our services.

Jim Pomarico
Atlantic Jet Sports

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